Below is a rough guide to the types of activity and work I can deliver.  Any activity can be designed to meet the specific needs or required outcomes of any given client group and any mixture of activity can be used to achieve required aims.  No musical skill is required to take part. 

  • Music Production & Music Tech - creating tracks, writing songs or raps and making CDs.  Using technology to record and produce. From beginner to advanced. Can include music video production if relevant to project.  

  • Live Music Activity - using percussion, guitars, keyboards and more to create music.  This can range from music activities for SEN young people or elderly through to Rock School projects with young bands to prepare them for a showcase event. 

  • Creative Mentoring & Mindfulness Based Intervention - using creative activities such as music, artwork or lyric writing as the mode of engagement; the starting point to facilitate personal development or progress a.  This work can also include introductions to mindfulness and experiences in how meditation can improve creative flow. 

  • Creative Insight and Breakthrough Workshops - Using various tools such as artistic activity or creative processes to access new and fresh insight.  This can be in management teams, solo professionals that wish to cultivate more creativity in their work, or individuals that wish to improve their own circumstances but require creative insight to do so. 

I am currently undergoing my Masters training at The University of Derby to qualify as a Music Therapist and can offer music activity with therapeutic benefits at practitioner rates until qualified. 

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